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Press the circle at the bottom of the phone for 3 seconds: the little-known trick that makes life easier – Santé+ Mag

Many of you do not know all the hidden features of your smartphone and yet you will benefit from discovering them all! Among them, the small circle in the middle of the screen at the very bottom, which has a very different role than directing you to the main menu.

What many people don’t realize is that phone manufacturers are adding more and more secret and useful features to their phones. In this article we will present you with a particular function in this case, which consists in taking advantage of the circle at the bottom of the screen, found on most Android models. As surprising as it may seem, it will make your life easier!

What is the circle at the bottom of the phone screen for?

Democratized on most Android smartphones, the three icons at the bottom of the screen, namely the circle, the square and the triangle, make navigation easier, being able to immediately switch to the main screen, see all the open applications or return to the previously used one. While some manufacturers have left them aside, these features are still widely available.

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As mentioned earlier, the button in the shape of a circle can take you straight to the main screen. Do you know that it also has another function that many users do not know! To activate it, the principle is very simple. Instead of pressing the circle as usual, hold it down for a few seconds and you will be taken directly to Google Assistant.

Access the Google Assistant with voice commands

Access the Google Assistant with voice commands. Source: spm

This activates a particularly useful function. If you’ve never used it before, you know that the Google Assistant, as the name suggests, a virtual assistant.

Like the famous Siri or Alexa application, Google Assistant can follow and clearly understand what you say to it. For example, if you say “Open WhatsApp”, “Call Franck (name of the contact you want to call)” or “Type Facebook”, the service will run immediately after your voice command. You can also verbalize information you want to google instead of writing it down.

You have at your fingertips a remarkable tool that will greatly enhance your user experience.

Discover more little-known features of your Android phone

Use your smartphone every day

Use your smartphone every day. Source: spm

Some features that were previously unknown are now used on a daily basis. But some are neglected or seem to have been forgotten. Here are some Android features that you might find very useful!

Your phone’s guest mode

If someone wants to use your phone, there is a way to lend it to them without giving them access to your personal and private information. With your smartphone you can create “guest” profiles, be it for your brother, child, friend or relative.

To use it, all you have to do is open the quick settings function, then go to your own user profile and then press “add guest”.

Customize the quick settings panel

Sometimes you don’t have to systematically go to your settings if you want to change certain options or functions of your smartphone. There is an easier and more intuitive way to do this.

To do this, swipe down from the top of the screen to bring up quick settings and access settings.

To make changes, swipe down twice from the top of the screen, then tap Edit in the bottom left (partly top right).

Then go to the three vertical dots in the top right and tap on “Edit Buttons”. You can move them to distribute them as you like. Above you see more options that you can select and drag to the spot of your choice.

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Note that on other devices, the three vertical dots will not appear in this window. You’ll probably need to hold down the Parameters button before the stage described above is reached.

As you have seen, dear readers, knowing most of your phone’s features will undoubtedly improve your user experience. So don’t hesitate to explore your device further!

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