1675626694 President of Cristal on TV rights quotThe FPF model is

President of Cristal on TV rights: "The FPF model is the best for Peruvian football"

President of Cristal on TV rights quotThe FPF model is

Joel Raffo declared to the press after Sporting Cristal’s win over Alianza Lima by walk over in League 1.

Sporting Crystal stuck to the three points against Alianza Lima after winning the free march over the duel corresponding to the third appointment League 1 Betsson 2023. After that game, Joel Raffo, president of the sky blue team, explained to the press and spoke about the conflict that exists between some clubs in the tournament with the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) about TV rights.

“We are all uncomfortable with this situation, but we have the assurance that we are complying with what is within the bounds of legality,” he said.

In addition, the manager indicated that the model proposed by the FPF is the most beneficial for the development of Peruvian football and that the Rimense squad will maintain its position on the matter.

“Beyond this model proposed by the FPF, which is the best for Peruvian football in the medium and long term, Sporting Cristal is a club that has always been characterized by promoting collective well-being and therefore maintains this attitude of always listening to to try to have the necessary approach. Of course, never revealing what the forms and collective good of our Peruvian football are. Let’s put aside the political and things that distort this issue,” he said.

When is the next Sporting Cristal game?

Sporting Crystal must play against Carlos A. Mannucci for date 4 of the inaugural tournament League 1 Betsson 2023. This duel will be played on Sunday February 12th at 15:00 at the Mansiche Stadium in Trujillo.