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President of Bolivia insists on unity against putschists

“We defeated them and we will continue to defeat them on the basis of unity and not repeating the mistakes of 2019,” the president said during a meeting of the Unified Magisterium of Bolivia of the Movement for Socialism – political instrument for village sovereignty.

Arce pointed out that this desire for destabilization is characterized by an attempt to articulate the right wing beyond Santa Cruz, but “we also saw the immediate reaction of the social organizations that gathered in demonstrations to say that there is no single vision, a single look, as some try to impose”.

He commented that this right was violated and wounded because it had repeatedly tried unsuccessfully to destabilize the national government.

He recalled that they had done so in November 2021 with the banner of repealing the draft law to combat the legitimacy of illegal profits, they tried again between October and November 2022 with the slogan “Census and Housing Census 2023, yes or yes”, and they will keep trying.

He noted that the quest for impunity was the dominant axis of these power elite policies led by Santa Cruz Governor Luis Fernando Camacho.

The highest executive authority of Santa Cruz was arrested on December 28th, transferred to the department of La Paz and detained in the maximum security prison Chonchocoro as a precautionary measure on the file coup d’état I, in which he was charged with terrorism, active bribery and seduction of troops in breach of the constitutional order in Bolivia.

As a result of this conspiracy, a de facto government was installed in November 2019, 38 people were killed, hundreds injured and thousands of human rights violations were recorded in the repression of those demanding the restoration of democracy.

In a video broadcast on Bolivian television, Camacho himself revealed that his father, José Luis, had “arranged” with military and police commanders so they could not stop the shock groups that were toppling the constitutional government of former President Evo Morales.

Recently, Government Minister Eduardo del Castillo announced the widening of the complaint after showing that Camacho made $640,000 worth of multi-million dollar bank transactions before, during and after the coup.

Arce insisted on the need for unity, reiterating that along the way there is a “single process of change” in which “we have defeated the right and we will continue to defeat them”.