power couple Nahim and Andreia decide to stop eating at

power couple; Nahim and Andreia decide to stop eating at the table with colleagues

Goiania, May 22, from Ellen Alve. The entertainment notebook Prime diary brings an article about reality power couple. The married couple Nahim and Andreia are repeatedly the target of news because of their attitude on the show.

THAT power couple is a program developed by Record TV that pits some famous internet couples against each other. In other words, the show has garnered a lot of response on the internet as it offers viewers a lot of entertainment. Added to this is the disappointment of Big Brother Brasil’s issue 22, which viewers have criticized for being monotonous. The reality of Globo’s rival couples has been gaining more and more publicity.

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Therefore, the married couple Nahim and Andreia are at the center of the controversy of the topic. That said, since the beginning of the show, the couple has already been involved in several bullshit, confusion, quarrels and some controversial statements. In other words, an example was the fights that contestant Andreia had with Brenda Paixão and Matheus Sampaio, another couple.

The four have fought over dirty dishes, competition and gossip and intrigue. In addition, the participant Nahim also made some controversial statements and was considered homophobic. One piece of news that has been talked about this week is that both have decided not to eat with the other attendees of the house.

Also, they eat alone as they refuse to sit at the same table with Brenda and Matheus. During a live broadcast presented by Adriane Galisteu, Andreia expressed herself and justified some points when Brenda entered the conversation and was rebuffed by Andreia, who tersely said “the conversation hasn’t reached the pigsty”.

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Therefore, during the lunchtime episode of the Power Couple program, the couple refused to eat at the same table as their peers. Nahim even vented to his wife: “I don’t eat where the pig puts its hand”. In other words, the contestant’s statement is doing the rounds on the internet and many people say, “This pair is very heavy,” and another replied, “You clearly have a head problem.”

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