1690091785 Possible negligence in a Gatineau CHSLD Youre safe in your

Possible negligence in a Gatineau CHSLD: ‘You’re safe in your chair’

The situation is problematic in the provincial CHSLDs, to say the least, and Ernest-Brisson’s in Gatineau is no exception.

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Relatives of the residents criticize the situation. In this case, the latter see the greatest shortcoming in the lack of staff.

“You are safe in your saddles, we have to watch out for other people,” we said to an elder who asked to be changed, reports Johanne Philipps, her sister.

Possible negligence in a Gatineau CHSLD Youre safe in your

VAT Gatineau

She’s not the only one claiming to be a victim of this facility. Other families claim to have experienced similar events.

According to Action santé Outaouais, this is an unfortunate situation.

“There is a code of ethics that applies to the entire healthcare network. Obviously we don’t respect this code of ethics there,” says Denis Marcheterre, president of the organization Action santé Outaouais.

“It’s hard for me to look my mother in the face without crying,” said Lyse St-Jacques, whose mother is a resident of CHSLD Ernest-Brisson.

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