Possible impeachment of Peru’s president leads to contradictions from opposition

Possible impeachment of Peru’s president leads to contradictions from opposition

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Photo: EFE.

Lima, 31.07. (RHC) The possible dismissal of President Pedro Castillo due to the corruption allegations that plague him has led to contradictions between the opposition parties in Peru this Sunday, according to political and journalistic comments.

On the one hand, Congressman Jorge Carlos Montoya of the far-right group RenovaciĆ³n Popular said the previous day that there were rumors about the preparation of a new job posting proposal, but that he saw no good intentions in the initiative.

Neoliberal lawmaker Carlos Anderson announced shortly thereafter that he was preparing a better reasoned staffing bill than the two-thirds of the votes needed to remove a president from the 130 congressmen who failed earlier.

Montoya opposes the vacancy because he believes Vice-President Dina Boluarte must first be removed for a minor administrative offense committed in her capacity as Minister for Development and Social Inclusion.

“We would be completely wrong if we installed Dina Boluarte as president, knowing that she will be worse than Castillo,” he said.

With Boluarte’s departure, the presidential succession would fall to whoever the republic’s unpopular Congress chooses from among its members to overthrow the government entirely and call only presidential elections.

Previously, Montoya had suggested replacing the chairs of the electoral bodies, which dismissed allegations of fraud by the losing far right after Castillo won 2021, as the next step. The progressive camp believes that this would be a coup to control these entities.

Center and centre-right sectors, in turn, are proposing a consensus deal that will lead to presidential and parliamentary elections, and the polls show it has the support of the majority of the population, although the left notes the need to reform politics in a to reform before serious crisis .

Montoya’s intended path has met resistance from parties allied with him, such as Fuerza Popular -FP- and others who, according to the Uno newspaper, are unable to participate in a short-term election.

The comment cites the case of FP, whose repeat candidate Keiko Fujimori has been brought to trial for corruption, and prosecutors are asking her to be sentenced to 30 years in prison. (font: Latin Press).