Possible garbage collection every two weeks It will be catastrophic

Possible garbage collection every two weeks: “It will be catastrophic”

The city of Montreal plans to split up garbage collection in all boroughs every two weeks.

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Waste collection has always been a major challenge for big cities.

All year round, but especially in summer or spring, rubbish accumulates along the streets causing foul smells.

The local authorities are considering the initiative following the success of a pilot project in the Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district. This could be expanded, in addition to expanding to other sectors of the city.


Many citizens of the metropolis are worried about the city’s initiative, amid fears that unsanitary conditions on the streets will increase.

“It’s still complicated. It will probably accumulate, it won’t be great. Right now you can’t walk too much on the sidewalks. That could get pretty complicated,” said one citizen.

Another citizen interviewed by TVA Nouvelles puts the situation into perspective by saying that Montreal is cleaner than many other cities in the world. However, she remains pessimistic.

“In general it’s pretty clean. But it depends on the districts. There are some neighborhoods where you go straight to the garbage cans.


Another lady is worried. She is already anticipating the consequences.

“Oh no! It’s going to do too much damage everywhere. People don’t pay attention. They throw garbage anyway. It’s going to be disastrous.”


According to Valérie Plante’s administration, the measure will make people more aware of their weekly waste consumption. In addition, we anticipate that the public will take small steps to better separate their waste, thereby reducing the amount of residual materials in landfills in the greater Montreal area.