Positive to work?  What applies from tomorrow

Positive to work? What applies from tomorrow

So-called vulnerable environments (including hospitals, nursing homes, primary schools, kindergartens, etc.) Even children who have tested positive cannot go to kindergarten or primary school; Facility staff, on the other hand, do.

For all this to be possible, other regulations must (again) come into effect. This includes, for example, that parents whose children are positive and who are unable to find other child care options can be excused from work for up to a week.

Telephone sick leave will also be reactivated. There’s a logical reason for this: the new regulation also means that a positive test is no longer automatically a reason to take time off work. Anyone who is not only infected but also sick needs a medical certificate from the doctor.

The so-called “Risk Group Ordinance” is also making a comeback. It allows people who belong to a risk group not to come to work if they fear contagion from positive colleagues.

Incidentally, traffic restrictions apply for a maximum of ten days after a positive antigen test. Does not apply if a subsequent PCR test is negative. Free trial is possible after five days.