1674610160 Posed Police arrest thief of millions Mirnesa

Posed! Police arrest thief of millions Mirnesa

Successful manhunt for the German police! On Tuesday morning, officials arrested alleged millionaire thief Mirnesa S., wanted across Europe.

On October 14, 2022, the blonde seized the moment and stole more than one million euros “using her job at a money transport company” – reported “Heute”. Mirnesa S. was suspected of being in the Balkans for a long time, but now the Stuttgart police have caught her directly. The handcuffs clicked that very day.

Presented to the judge on Tuesday

According to the German “BILD”, Mirnesa S., 42 years old, was arrested on Tuesday morning – the alleged thief would have planned his million dollar scam a few meters from a Stuttgart police station. Now the 42-year-old’s handcuffs have clicked in the same city – Germany’s most wanted woman has been arrested at Stuttgart airport.

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According to the report by “BILD”, the alleged thief of millions contacted the police through her lawyer and was ready to surrender. It is still unclear where the millions went and whether the suspect had been in Germany since October 14, 2022. Now the police are waiting for more information about the crime and possible accomplices. Mirnesa is said to have been presented to the magistrate on Tuesday morning. The presumption of innocence applies to Mirnesa.

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