Port Aventura the famous Catalan amusement park among the quotThe

Port Aventura: the famous Catalan amusement park among the "The 15 worst travel destinations in the world"according to a ranking

The leisure complex is often criticized for a lack of security.

PortAventura would be there 12th place among the “Worst Tourist Destinations in the World”. This is according to a classification by the Stasher luggage storage network. A classification based on several criteria, including Google reviews, the quality of local accommodation, the distance between the nearest international airport and the location in question, the safety of tourists or even the popularity of the place on TikTok (search rate in Chinese social networking). Network).

It is true that the Lack of security The Catalan amusement park is often criticized. A topic that was recently brought back to the table after a fight broke out in the ride-share queue.

More than a third of foreign tourists

At the top of this straightforward ranking is the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles (USA). Accompanied on the podium by the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul (Truquie) and the Taj Mahal in India. The famous Catalan amusement park is therefore in twelfth place, writes Geo magazine.

To see if the presence of the leisure complex in this ranking affects its number of visitors as its clientele composes itself more than a third of foreign tourists. The owners expect 5.3 million visitors for 2023, which would be a record.