Porchat says he supports Ciro, declares his vote for Lula and swears at Bolsonaro: “Verme”

Porchat says he supports Ciro, declares his vote for Lula and swears at Bolsonaro: “Verme”

Porchat uses headphones and speaks into the microphone in a podcast Porchat was in the podcast “Papagaio Falante” by Srgio Mallandro and Renato Rabelo (Photo: Youtube/Reproduction)

Comedian Fbio Porchat declared his voice for Ciro Gomes (PDT) during an interview with Srgio Mallandro and Renato Rabelo’s podcast “Papagaio Falante”.

Porchat said that despite his choice for former minister Luiz Incio Lula da Silva (PT) has a chance to win against President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) in the first round, he has to change his vote to avoid the departure of to “guarantee”. the head of the Federal Board of Directors from the Executive Committee.

“I have already explained my voice [antes]. I will vote for Ciro Gomes (PDT). I really like Ciro, I think he’s a great candidate, very well prepared. I think we need to stop polarizing and stuff,” Porchat said. “Well, when August comes and Ciro continues with 7% [das intenes de voto, segundo as pesquisas] and Lula can win in the first round, to remove this beast, this worm, this crab that is in power, I get painted a red star, sing ‘Lula l’ and vote by hitting the 13th three hundred times press,” the moderator joked.

Afterwards, Porchat criticized Bolsonaro. “The truth is we’re dealing with a pathetic guy who has no humanity. a person who mimicked people dying from asphyxiation during the pandemic that killed 670,000 people in Brazil. He laughs about it, says: “I’m not a gravedigger”. It’s not even for humans,” he continued.

For Porchat, the President has “not the slightest dignity”. “Before we talk about corruption and there is a lot of corruption in this government ​​we have to talk about human dignity. These are not humans, these are subhumans. That mouse, that worm,” the comedian added.

“You can’t have a country run by a worm and an incompetent worm and a bum who doesn’t work. He works less than an intern. This guy needs to be eliminated somehow, somehow.”