Pope Francis at todays Angelus Putin stops violence Zelensky open

Pope Francis at today’s Angelus: “Putin stops violence, Zelensky open to serious peace proposals”

For the first time, the Pope addressed the leaders of Russia and Ukraine directly: There is a real danger of a nuclear escalation with catastrophic consequences

VATICAN CITT – The progress of the war in Ukraine has become so serious, devastating and threatening that it is causing great concern. For this reason I want to dedicate to you today the entire reflection before the Angelus. Pope Francis looks out the window of the Apostolic Palace and makes an exception before the Marian prayer, as he did only in 2013 on the war in Syria, an appeal in which every word expresses the urgency to stop immediately, before the world takes a risk nuclear disaster.

the first time that the Pope addressed the leaders of Russia and Ukraine directly: My appeal goes first of all to the President of the Russian Federation and asks him to stop this spiral of violence and death, also out of love for his people . On the other hand, saddened by the tremendous suffering of the Ukrainian people after the aggression suffered, I make an equally confident appeal to the President of Ukraine to be open to serious peace proposals. I call on all protagonists of international life and the political leaders of nations to do everything in their power to end the ongoing war without engaging in dangerous escalations and to encourage and support dialogue initiatives.

On the one hand, stop aggression, on the other hand, open yourself to serious proposals for peace.

Francis’ words also included condemning the Russian annexation of four Ukrainian provinces, Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhia and Kherson: I deeply regret the serious situation that has arisen in recent days, with further actions contrary to the principles of the violate international law. Indeed, it increases the risk of nuclear escalation to the point of creating fears of uncontrollable and catastrophic consequences worldwide.

The tone of the solemn Pope: In the name of God and in the name of the humanity that dwells in every heart, I renew my appeal for an immediate ceasefire. Put the guns down and look for conditions to start negotiations that can lead to solutions that are not imposed by force, but agreed, just and stable. And they will be if they are based on respect for the inviolable value of human life and the sovereignty and territorial integrity of each country, as well as the rights of minorities and legitimate concerns. We must hurry, because this terrible and unimaginable wound of humanity does not bleed, but bleeds more and more and threatens to widen, Francis exclaims: What must still be done? How much more blood must spill because we understand that war is never a solution, only destruction?

Then Francesco looks up: I am tormented by the torrents of blood and tears that have been shed these months. I am saddened by the thousands of victims, especially children, and by the many destructions that have left many people and families homeless and threaten vast areas with cold and hunger. Certain actions can never be justified, ever!. And it goes on: Disturbing that the world is learning the geography of Ukraine through names like Bucha, Irpin, Mariupol, Izium, Zaporizhzhia and other places that have become places of indescribable suffering and fear. And what about the fact that humanity is once again confronted with the nuclear threat? absurd…. The violence does not stop, please let the young generations breathe the sacred air of peace, not the polluted air of war, which is madness! Hence the conclusion: after seven months of hostilities, all diplomatic means, including those hitherto unused, should be used to end this terrible tragedy. War itself is an error and a horror! We trust in the heart-changing mercy of God and the motherly intercession of the Queen of Peace.

October 2, 2022 (change October 2, 2022 | 13:07)