Poor Luciano Huck makes a slip on Sunday when he

“Poor Luciano…”; Huck makes a ‘slip’ on Sunday when he opens up about Claudia Raia’s son and the internet doesn’t forgive


The presenter sent a recorded message to Claudia Raia, who gave birth to a child last Saturday (11).

Photos: Playback/TV Globo (left)  Instagram/Claudia Raia (right)Photos: Playback/TV Globo (left) Instagram/Claudia Raia (right)

The host Luciano Hucklast Sunday (12), was “betrayed” by an old recording on the painting Believe in Whoever. Sunday. Angélica’s husband sent a message to Claudia Rai (who became pregnant at the age of 55) by showing the story of a 50yearold mother who didn’t know she was pregnant and said that the little one Luke wasn’t born yet.

It turns out the little one was born on Saturday (11/11) exactly, sparking memes and jokes on Twitter: “Hey, as far as I know Luca was born,” one wrote. “Poor Luciano, I think the program has been taped before,” added another. “I wanted to leave a message for women over 50 who are still dreaming of pregnancy,” Huck said.

“Managing is such a beautiful dream. Look for a good human reproductive doctor who has a knack, it is possible. There’s Claudia Raia, who won’t let us lie. A big kiss for Claudia and Jarbas, the little one is coming,” he concluded. Luca was born via caesarean section and was reported to be 48cm tall and weighed 2.96kg. Claudia is already the mother of Enzo, 25, and Sophia Raia, 20.

“Getting pregnant at 55 is completely different than it was 20 years ago, just like Enzo and Sophia’s pregnancy was different. It’s not just a physical problem, it’s also a mental one. In 20 years we’ve changed a lot, I’ve matured, has the world changed? There were times during pregnancy when I felt like a firsttime mom (laughs),” the actress shared.