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Polls according to Euromedia never before so many against the delivery of arms to Kyiv

The proportion of opponentssend weapons atUkraine never so high since the conflict unleashed by Russia. And the opposition of about 60 percent against the decision of Germany to send Kyiv the tanks Armored Leopard. It is the summary of a poll Euromedia Research published by La Stampa and circulated at Porta a Porta in the last few days. A survey that confirms the mood of Italians already expressed by the data of a similar analysis swg reported yesterday by Fatto Quotidiano, whose main figure showed that a large majority of the sample polled (55 percent) said they were against theincrease in military spending.

Ukraine, Italians reject rearmament:

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According to the Euromedia poll, the number of opponents of arms deliveries to Ukraine has increased 52 percent, the highest number recorded by the Institute since hostilities began. In March, a month after the Russian invasion, it was 50.4, in April it was 45 and in May it had risen to 41.5. The supporters are also slightly up at almost 40 percent (39.9). The reason for this is that after one year the proportion of informed respondents has increased and the number of “don’t know-no answer” has decreased. Predictably, the majority of supporters are found in the electorate of force Italy (56%), from Pd (68%), from Action Italia Viva (even 91). Among the major parties, the highest number against arms deliveries is found within the base league (71%), followed by those of voters from M5s (66). Also the majority of voters brothers of Italy is against: it is 54% (against 37).

If you go into more detail and the question moves to the last one Leopard Expedition decided by Berlin, the figure becomes even more solid. Just one out of 3 (33.9%) say this sending “is obligatory because Ukraine must be supported’ (the option proposed by Euromedia). Everyone else chooses the other answers: die 21 Percent say, “Because of that rate, it’s dangerous NATO will enter the conflict“, the 20 which “is harmful because it only prolongs and worsens the war” and the 10She eventually claims it’s “shameful because you’re playing with people’s and people’s skin”. Overall, these numbers exceed 50 percent of the sample. Added to this is a 6 percent for the sending of leopards even “useless‘ because ‘it’s a limited number of tanks and guns’.

The registration is even less surprising Resistance to joining NATO in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict that headed for the institute Alessandra Ghisleri is represented by 68 percent of those surveyed. However, proponents are slightly over 16 because there is a large proportion of undecided (15). Also, in this case, the no to direct entry into the West’s war across all constituencies (even if within Forza Italia ends 56 to 44). “This thought – writes Ghisleri in an article accompanying the survey in La Stampa – is stimulating the deepest fears of Italians who, while understanding the necessary and due assistance to a country whose borders and principles have been violated, see all this as an important crisis for European security”. To reinforce this belief is the fact that the 78 percent of respondents see far away end of the conflict.

So what’s the solution? There it is 38 percent of respondents who want a ceasefire resulting from negotiations with the Russians and therefore “imposed” by the Ukrainians, 25 percent think it will be necessary to reduce support for Ukraine in order to convince Zelenskyy of the impossibility of victory , while only 8 represent about 100 percent believe the West “will go to war to save Ukraine and destroy Russia, at the risk of destroying itself”. It should be clarified that there was also the option that “must be Russians forced to negotiate‘ was not mentioned by the respondents, although it was included in the Euromedia offers.