Poll ratifies challenges in France to achieve parliamentary majority

Poll ratifies challenges in France to achieve parliamentary majority

Paris, 06/15 (Prensa Latina) A poll released today, four days ahead of the vote in France’s general election, confirms that winning an absolute majority of MPs in the National Assembly by any of the competing political forces appears difficult.

The new poll by the French Institute of Public Opinion (IFOP) and Fiducial for the media LCI and Sud Radio highlighted the projection reflecting the governing coalition together, led by the ruling party La Rep├║blica en Marcha, with the largest number of seats in the hemicycle , but without guaranteeing total control.

According to the poll, in which 1,400 voters took part, they would get between 265 and 300 seats combined, which could mean they end up on June 19 among the 289 MPs responsible for absolute dominance of the assembly, a key body on the political board. required are.

Aware of the difficulty, re-elected President Emmanuel Macron has in recent days urged French voters to give him categorical control of the Bourbon Palace, a benefit he already had in his first five-year term.

In fact, since the reversal of the electoral calendar in 2000, first the presidential elections and then the legislative elections, no head of state has had to contend with the lack of an absolute majority in the National Assembly, a scenario that should occur would force the ruling party to seek alliances, which are not always comfortable or convenient.

The IFOP Fiducial Poll also confirmed left-wing bloc New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) as the second strongest force in the country with between 180 and 210 MPs ahead of the Conservatives, led by the Republican Party, with a maximum of 65 seats.

For its part, the Agrupaci├│n Nacional, a far-right organization led by Marine Le Pen, would emerge from the elections with between 20 and 40 seats.

The June 10 poll, conducted by the entities themselves, ranked Together slightly ahead of the legislature, with up to 305 MPs.