1672673544 Police operation in La Peza for an illegal rave party

Police operation in La Peza for an illegal “rave” party that started almost four days ago

Presentation of the Action Plan 2022-2023 of the Guardia Civil in the Sierra Nevada Ski Resort in an image file.Presentation of the Action Plan 2022-2023 of the Guardia Civil in the Sierra Nevada Ski Resort, in an image file GOVERNMENT SUBDELEGATION (GOVERNMENT SUBDELEGATION)

The Civil Guard maintain a special device that was deployed in a rural area in the town of La Peza (Granada) for the celebration of an illegal rave party that was discovered between the afternoon and night of last Friday December 30th. Civil Guard sources have informed Europa Press that the agents estimate that the participants number between 1,000 and 1,500 people

For four days, around 300 vehicles – mostly caravans and motorhomes – were parked on the property belonging to the municipality of La Peza, a rustic property near the connection to the A-92 motorway that crosses Andalusia from east to west. As the consistory itself explained, the organizers have no authorization for the event.

The armed institute keeps about 40 or 50 agents on the move at all times to ensure security, even uses a helicopter, and conducts alcohol and drug checks on drivers without clashes or major incidents, sources said Institute itself. Police safety operations also include detours and traffic restrictions to prevent crowds from stopping and to minimize the impact on other drivers.

The Civil Guard has indicated that control of the area will be maintained, however, for security reasons and given the large number of people who have gathered, a decision has been made not to evacuate the party.

Police sources have confirmed that the organizers of this illegal party have announced that the music and other activities will continue until Tuesday. The same sources have stated that last night and this morning passed without incident, apart from the inconvenience of the music and the noise of concentrated people.

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The La Peza City Council has denounced this concentration without a permit, which has caused noise and nuisance noticeable several kilometers away.