Police operation in Estrie A suspect who threatened Francois

Police operation in Estrie | A suspect who threatened François Legault and Justin Trudeau is shot dead –

(Montreal) The Independent Investigations Office is investigating the circumstances surrounding an intervention in the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) in which a suspect was injured by a police officer’s gunshot.

Posted at 5:03 p.m


On Tuesday morning, the SQ Tactical Intervention Group (GTI) intervened at a private residence in Scotstown in Estrie with the aim of arresting an individual in connection with a suspected crime.

The BEI did not specify which violation required GTI intervention. However, according to media reports, the person concerned is said to have made threats against Prime Ministers François Legault and Justin Trudeau.

The Canadian Press was unable to confirm this information.

However, Prime Minister Legault’s office responded in writing: “We have been informed of the situation. Threats against elected officials, regardless of level or party, are unacceptable and must be condemned. In order not to affect the work of the police, we will not comment. »

During the operation, a GTI agent allegedly saw the armed suspect through a window and he pointed his weapon at the door of the apartment building when the GTI members entered the house.

A police officer is said to have shot and injured the person.

The suspect was then transported to the hospital, where his condition was listed as stable.

The BEI is responsible for reporting any event in which a person, other than an on-duty police officer, dies, is seriously injured, or is injured by a police officer’s firearm during an operation.