1672683807 Police officer saves son 14 from the sea and drowns

Police officer saves son (14) from the sea and drowns

Tragedy struck on a beach south of Sydney: a 45-year-old policeman died trying to save his son.

Drama in Australia: A police officer died south of Sydney trying to save a distressed young man from drowning at sea. As it turned out later, the policeman was the boy’s father.

The 45-year-old officer, who was not on duty at the time, was caught in the current during the rescue operation near the village of Narooma, reported this Monday the “9News” channel, citing the local police. The accident happened on the unprotected Praia do Lenço.

Authorities therefore once again reminded people to swim in marked sections of the beach. Such are guarded by lifeguards.

14 year old girl survived

While the 14-year-old survived thanks to his father, any help came too late for the 45-year-old. Helpers who rushed to the sea in a boat could only determine his death, despite immediate resuscitation measures. Apparently, he pulled the boy out of the strong current, but he couldn’t make it to land on his own.

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