1695915270 Police are speeding up the arrest of a suspected jihadist

Police are speeding up the arrest of a suspected jihadist in Burgos after suspecting he was looking for firearms

Police are speeding up the arrest of a suspected jihadist

National Police agents have arrested in the town of Briviesca (Burgos, population 6,675) a person accused of self-indoctrination in jihadism, spreading religious radicalism and openly expressing his willingness to commit a terrorist attack “in Spain or wherever possible”. . , as the Interior Ministry reported in a statement. The arrest, which took place at dawn last Tuesday although it was only reported on Thursday, was expedited after investigators confirmed that the man had shown an interest in obtaining firearms to commit violent crimes. After he was brought to the attention of the National Court, Judge Santiago Pedraz ordered his detention.

The operation that led to the arrest of the suspected jihadist began earlier this year when agents from the General Information Commissariat specializing in the fight against terrorism discovered the presence on social networks of a person who “consumed a large amount of them”. Material of a radical and violent jihadist nature,” the police memo said. Through the investigation, we were able to confirm that the young man had an “advanced state of radicalization” and that he not only “heavyly” viewed extremely violent material glorifying terrorism, but also tried to attract other people who he met on the Internet. Chats showed. Videos machinations of the Islamic State (ISIS) to win them over to their jihadist theses. Among this material were videos showing “beheadings, individual and group executions.”

The surveillance he has been subjected to in recent months has allowed police to examine how the now-jailed man has “intensified his radical speech and encouraged the carrying out of terrorist attacks” in recent months. According to the Interior Ministry, the person had also expressed his willingness to “wage jihad” with violent actions in Spain or another country. The detainee is accused of the crimes of self-indoctrination for terrorist purposes, indoctrination of third parties and glorification of terrorism. The operation, carried out jointly by the General Information Commissioner’s Office and the Burgos Provincial Information Brigade, included two house searches.

Following this arrest, 21 suspected Islamist radicals have been arrested in Spain so far this year. Another ten were in joint operations in other countries, mainly Morocco. Last Tuesday, the Guardia Civil arrested a woman in Vitoria who was accused of a crime of terrorist collaboration for, among other things, initiating her minor children into jihadist ideology. In early September, police in Pamplona arrested a 20-year-old man accused of engaging in jihadist indoctrination, recruitment and recruitment work for the Islamic State. Then, among the materials seized from his computer equipment, police found more than 200 self-training manuals, including some that taught people how to make explosives, use poisons or deceive security forces when they entered his home to arrest him.

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