“Please go to sleep and listen”

“Please go to sleep and listen”

Nobody can blame Jean-Michel Blais for his lack of honesty. The Quebec pianist today announces the release of an EP and warns his new music is boring.

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Serenades, expected on March 10, will consist of “intimate and atmospheric versions for solo piano” of tracks from his orchestral album Aubades, one of Quebec’s musical flagships of 2022.

Three original compositions are added to what he considers the ‘nocturnal counterpart’ of Aubades.

“To be honest, Jean-Michel Blais mentions in a press release that I could never listen to this EP without falling asleep. »

“I usually try to play my music to get your attention by constantly introducing new elements. But with this EP I thought about the music of the night. It’s not meant to distract you and keep you awake. In a way it’s boring music. Please fall asleep listening to it,” he adds humorously.

The pianist also points out that one of the new pieces, La chute, was composed with only his left hand after injuring his right shoulder last winter.