Playwright and teacher Flavia Lugo de Marichal dies

Playwright and teacher Flavia Lugo de Marichal dies

The Puerto Rican teacher, playwright and actress Flavia Lugo de Marichal He died yesterday of natural causes at the age of 95. confirmed his son-in-law Ricardo Méndez Matta. He leaves behind his six children Poli, Tere, Carlos, Pili, Margarita and Flavia.

“She died yesterday, Saturday, but as it is the weekend we still have not been able to make arrangements for the wake. I understand we’ll find out tomorrow Monday,” Mendez Matta said in a brief phone interview.

In the early afternoon, the Institute for Puerto Rican Culture (ICP) released a message via Twitter notifying him of his death and offering his condolences to his family:

“Our deepest condolences to Flavia Lugo de Marichal’s family and friends for their departure. Important teacher and theater actress in the fifties and sixties. She made her debut as an actress in the film “El Puente” by Amílcar Tirado for DIVEDCO. May he rest in peace,” the ICP published.

Flavia Lugo de Marichal, one of the most important figures in Puerto Rican culture, was a professor at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras campus for many years and was recognized by the Puerto Rican Foundation for the Humanities (FPH) in 2013. as “Humanist of 2013”. She was also a successful stage actress in the 1950s and 1960s.

The playwright and educator, married to the late graphic artist, set designer, costume designer and Spanish writer Carlo Marichal, has always excelled at empowering Puerto Rican children and youth to strengthen their values, imagination and arts. And as a cultural promoter, she encouraged the creativity of those around her, starting with her family, as she said in an interview on the blog Puerto Rico Knows in 2018 at the age of 90.

“His most famous work ‘My duende friend’, written in 1952, was presented in the 78 communities of the island and also in the United States. Five years ago, she was able to witness the English language musical adaptation in New York, for which she feels “excited and grateful”. Lugo de Marichal also excelled in other areas; She trained as a theater and then film actress. He made his debut in the 1950s in the film directed by Amílcar Tirado, El Puente,” adds the information.

More details about the funeral will be offered tomorrow, Monday 1 August.