Plataforma Navarre, founded by renegade UPN MPs Sayas and Adanero, will take part in the next elections under the acronym PP

Plataforma Navarre, founded by renegade UPN MPs Sayas and Adanero, will take part in the next elections under the acronym PP

It was predictable and now it’s finally official. After learning of the dissolution of the Navarra Suma coalition – UPN, PP and Ciudadanos – at the initiative of the regionalist party, the PP signed two renegade UPN MPs, Carlos García Adanero and Sergio Sayas, under contract. The two were temporarily suspended from its founding for skipping party discipline and voting against labor reform on February 3, 2022. Now Sayas and Adanero and their Navarre platform have signed a framework agreement with the PP to participate together in the next general, regional assembly and local elections under the acronym of the People’s Party.

The president of the Navarrese PP, Javier García – who was recently elected to replace Ana Beltrán, who was Pablo Casado’s number three – has explained in detail that this framework agreement contains four points that constitute “a starting point” for the continuation of the Representing negotiations as there are still It is not yet decided whether Sayas and Adanero will return to appear on the lists for Congress or whether they will bet on the provincial parliament. In this regard, García has indicated that they will continue to speak to clarify the fine print of the agreement. “We will be in daily and direct contact,” he emphasized. However, you stressed that it was a coalition because the two MEPs did not join the ranks of the people. “No, we have not joined the People’s Party,” Adanero assured, although he admitted that he does not rule it out.

In addition to participating jointly in the forthcoming elections, this framework agreement envisages “the creation of a united center-right space in Navarra” that “represents a real alternative to the current Socialist Party government supported by EH Bildu”. Currently, the government of Navarre consists of PSN, Geroa Bai and Podemos. EH Bildu is not participating, although the Abertzale coalition has allowed the four Legislature Houses to abstain.

In the speech, MP Adanero indicated that with this agreement, “it is clear to the centre-right party that nothing has been agreed with Sanchez and that what needs to be done with Sanchismo is to vote him democratically in the elections win, so that they both give up the government of Navarre by Chivite, as the government of Spain by Sánchez”. Similarly, Sayas has assured that “many centre-right voters” in his community “felt orphaned” and “will be grateful that we managed to do so in the face of those who wanted to split the centre-right party and understand each other.” and offer them a strong and real”. He was referring to the dissolution of the coalition of Navarra Suma, which included UPN, PP and Ciudadanos this legislature, and which the regionalist formation has decided not to renew. In this sense, García Ciudadanos has the Hand outstretched saying: “Anyone who wants to join the alternative is welcome. The house of the PP is permanently open”.

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The various polls continue to indicate that UPN is the formation that will receive the most votes in the next elections in the Autonomous Community, but for García the PP is the only real alternative to PSN: “Today the only one that there there will be no government with the Socialist Party that agrees with EH Bildu is the PP of Navarra”. It also closes the door on supporting UPN President Javier Esparza as President of Navarra if he defeats the current President, María Chivite, in the next elections, although leaving a gap for dialogue by ensuring that “ all in due course weather”.

An abnormal situation has arisen with the signing of the agreement between the Navarra Platform and the PP. Sayas and Adanero continue to be temporarily expelled from the UPN, but they keep the minutes of the deputies, which they received with the votes of the supporters of this regionalist formation. However, it is not an obstacle for Adanero, who has explained that he has already been expelled from the Unión del Pueblo Navarro: “Temporarily? They identify you for two and a half years and do not restrict you, they leave you without rights and without obligations. Then you can paint whatever you want, but if you’re evicted, you’re evicted.” Adanero claims that his position in the labor reform vote “was a response to the ideology with which they voted for us. As far as I know, we have not deviated from the principles and values ​​with which we were elected.”

After hearing about the agreement, UPN Vice President and Mayor of Pamplona Enrique Maya has given assurances that they feel betrayed. “Adanero and Sayas betrayed us then and now we have the feeling that the PP is behind it and we don’t like that at all.” Along those lines, he added that “there is a reality, which is that the PP worked the way the vote in the labor reform debate was what it was, which is why we consider this to be a blatant disloyalty to UPN.” Nonetheless Maya, who will not stand for re-election as councilor for the capital of Navarre, has indicated that his nominee in a hypothetical vote in Congress is still Feijóo. However, he warns: “This marks a limit. Relationships will be different, it cannot be forgotten and that’s it. The negotiations with the PP must be handled in a different way.”

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