Placido Domingo involved in a new scandal: “In a sect that exploited young slaves …

Placido Domingo involved in a new scandal: “In a sect that exploited young slaves …

The 81-year-old Spanish tenor Placido Domingo is involved in an investigation into a sect Argentine criminal accused by tRape and sexual exploitation of young women. That the tenor’s name is among those intercepted by the police out Buenos Aires some Latin American newspapers report on this. A sect that hides behind an “Escuela de Yoga”, as the Corriere della Sera explains.

In between VIP customers there would also be Domingo, who would have had a sexual encounter with “Mandy”, a woman of the cult. That recruited girls that’s how they became real sex slaves. The central figure is that of a self-proclaimed spiritual master, Juan Perkowicz 84 years old, who called himself the angel. The girls were given the task of “generating money through sexual activity”. That the victims the sect would be 170 only in Argentina. At the moment they are 19 persons arrested.

A message arrived a few hours after the Spanish tenor’s performance Mexico. Placido Domingo has been involved in the past another scandal. A few years ago he had to resign as directorLos Angeles Opera after reports of sexual harassment by dozens of women. He said he was “sorry for the harm caused” and was ready to embark on a path of “change”.

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