PK first, PK next, PK all the time

PK first, PK next, PK all the time

One hit hard. The PK Subban that fans love so much has had a few half-truths slapped in the face.

But if PK Subban found himself in Le Journal with his face, his coat and the acronym CH on the microphone, it wasn’t because he had committed a crime. Far from there. The idea of ​​using his name and likeness to create a foundation to help the children at Montreal Hospital was right.

The idea that Subban’s turbulence and popularity would gross $10 million over a ten-year period came true. Beautiful and generous foundations that have been redistributing money for decades have paid tribute to Jean Béliveau, the Nordiques or Guy Lafleur.

Businessmen have always understood that Subban would not take 10 million from his pocket and return it to the foundation. I always knew Subban would help raise that money. Performances, golf tournaments, concerts, all opportunities should be used.

But the common reader, and sometimes in a hurry, bought the headlines Subban wanted.


The problem is PK Subban’s big mouth. Not being able to play it quietly when it’s time. At his press conference, presented just as the Canadian’s management announced the selection of Max Pacioretty as CH captain, Subban had to hit harder. Had to butter even harder. Everyone from Vancouver to Halifax and from Val-d’Or to Miami needed to be talking about him.

He went and said and wrote that he, PK Subban, was giving $10 million to the foundation. It was a play on words in 2015, and he’s never stopped glorifying that blatant lie for the past seven years.

As of Friday, the foundation’s website told the same story.

Let me understand you well. Lending your name and popularity to a foundation and donating $6.5 million to a foundation over seven years is a nice gesture in itself. Adding $800,000 in personal donations is all the more admirable. Subban may have made millions and found it a tax benefit, but no one is obligated to donate nearly a million to charity.


But getting good people to believe we’re giving away $10 million is another story. It mainly serves the image of PK Subban. His image as a big brother sensitive to children’s suffering served him well. We’ll never know what various benefits this reputation for extreme generosity has brought to Subban. But we do know he didn’t have to butter it that thick.

Especially with the two-year-old robbed by the pandemic and his trade to the Nashville Predators. People understand that the founding comes too late. But leave the butter knife and the fat jams.

Also, Subban was brought out of Montreal precisely because he was buttering too much all the time. And indeed, a Norris Trophy winner, he will never have known the career he could have had, for it was PK first, PK second and PK all along.

I don’t want this story to harm other philanthropic gestures.

For example what Jonathan Drouin is doing with the CHUM Foundation. He has personally pledged $500,000 over ten years. He pays his $50,000 a year and doesn’t make anyone sweat.

For example, he could score a…

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