Pizza Hut manager locks 16 year old employee in toilet and rapes

Pizza Hut manager locks 16-year-old employee in toilet and rapes her – Le Journal de Québec

Horror story at Pizza Hut. A 16-year-old employee was locked in the toilet and raped by the restaurant manager.

According to the Chron, the suspect, who worked at the fast food restaurant in Florida, initially sent the teenager several nude photos of himself on Snapchat.

Osceola County police were called to a “rape in progress” when someone saw the corrupt manager enter the women’s restroom and lock the door behind him.

Calvin Cooke, 31, had asked the young employee, who had only been working at Pizza Hut for a few weeks, to clean the toilets.

“This person’s actions are not only despicable and disturbing, but they also represent a breach of the trust we place in adults,” said Sheriff Marcos Lopez, the Chron reports. “This 16-year-old child will be scarred for life,” he adds.

Before he sexually abused his victim, the 1.80 meter tall, 110 kilogram colossus is said to have flirted with her on Snapchat before sending her nude photos.

The poor girl told investigators she was afraid of upsetting Cooke and losing her job at Pizza Hut. The suspect is also said to have vaped it.

Pizza Hut has informed Web that Calvin Cooke has been fired.

The suspect was charged with sexual assault of a minor, transmitting harmful information to a minor and illegal use of a two-way communication device, among other charges.

His bail was set at $33,000.