Pistorius announces E400 million aid package for Ukraine

Pistorius announces €400 million aid package for Ukraine

From: September 18, 2023, 9:30 pm

Defense Minister Pistorius announced the delivery of more military aid to Ukraine worth 400 million euros. Taurus cruise missiles are not part of this package.

Germany will support Ukraine with additional arms aid worth 400 million euros. Defense Minister Boris Pistorius announced this.

“We are providing additional ammunition: explosive ammunition, mortar ammunition, mine rockets,” he said. Ammunition is what Ukraine needs most in its defensive battle. Additionally, Germany will help with protected vehicles and demining systems. In view of the approaching winter, clothing must also be sent, as well as electricity and heat generators.

Cruise missiles are not part of the delivery

The Taurus cruise missiles desired by Ukraine were not included in the package, the minister told the “Bild” newspaper. It has not yet been decided whether these will be shipped. It also remains to be clarified whether Taurus cruise missiles can be used without the support of Bundeswehr soldiers, Pistorius continued.

The announcement was made one day before the Ukraine Contact Group meeting at the US Ramstein Air Base. In the past, new arms deliveries to Ukraine were often announced at meetings.

In addition to the deliveries, more Ukrainian soldiers would be trained in Germany, Pistorius said – there should be 10,000 by the end of the year. “In Ramstein, for example, we are checking whether we can provide more support with training,” said Pistorius. However, Pistorius had to cancel his participation in the conference at short notice due to a corona infection.

Aid for 2023 worth 5.4 billion euros

According to an overview by the federal government, Germany has allocated around 5.4 billion euros this year, mainly for military support to Ukraine. Last year it was two billion euros. There are commitment commitments amounting to around 10.5 billion euros for the following years.

It was not clear whether the equipment mentioned by Pistorius was completely new announcements, as reported by the dpa news agency. In addition to ammunition, the list of planned German support services published online already includes around 17 field heaters and mobile demining systems.