Piqué’s new girlfriend lives a secluded life with support from the player’s parents

Piqué’s new girlfriend lives a secluded life with support from the player’s parents

Clara Chía Martí, Gerard Piqué’s new girlfriend, is not coping well with the sudden stardom. In Bzrp Music Sessions 53, a charttopping song, Shakira launches a series of references to the student and the footballer. This whole situation has shaken the young woman so much that she is withdrawn at home and receives support from people close to her, such as friends and her boyfriend’s parents.

According to Spanish newspaper 20 Minutos, Clara was shocked to have been put in people’s mouths. She would feel trapped in the midst of this latest controversy, saying it has nothing to do with the struggles between Piqué and Shakira and the situations the singer has faced throughout her marriage.

The young woman is said to have revealed to friends that she does not identify with the woman described by the artist in the song. She also defended herself, saying she did nothing wrong to provoke all that anger in the pop diva; she’s just in love with piqué.

Since Shakira’s music was released, Clara has disappeared from public life. She continues to work in the soccer player’s company, but left the athlete’s apartment and returned to her childhood home, where she has more privacy.

There the student receives support from close people. Friends are helping the star’s girlfriend navigate this controversy and would have suggested a trip so she could escape the limelight for a while. Clara would also receive support from Piqué’s parents, with whom she would have a good relationship.

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