Piqué’s alleged girlfriend shows her face after breaking up with Shakira

Piqué’s alleged girlfriend shows her face after breaking up with Shakira

There have been several versions of Shakira and Piqué’s split; The main one suggests that the footballer would have been unfaithful to the singer with a young woman several years younger than her, with whom she allegedly had been dating for some time.

According to Spanish media, the alleged “third party” is a girl who responds to CM’s initials and was employed by one of the Spaniards; They even assured that it is very similar to the Colombian. However, the woman in question has come out to show her face and has denied being responsible for the thunder among the celebrities.

The girl was caught by the program Socialite and amid the questions she denied knowing the Barcelona captain, explaining that she was only confusing her because of the description that was leaked to the media.

“I want to make it clear that I don’t know Gerard Piqué at all. I got the part based on the description of the supposed girl…that’s not me and I don’t know him so I’m asking you to leave me alone,” he said.

Furthermore, she confessed that she is being heavily attacked for something she didn’t do and that until now she doesn’t understand how she was involved:

“I don’t understand why they got in my way, I guess because they need someone to avoid the problem and mislead. They told me the real girl will be out soon and I hope that’s the case so they leave me alone,” he added.

Piqué’s friends deny the infidelity

Despite the fact that the young woman’s statements would confirm suspicions of an extramarital relationship, people close to the footballer assure that he is extremely upset by the information being handled, since there has never been another woman and the reasons for the breakup would be a worn out relationship and lack of communication between the two.

They even pointed out that what Piqué regrets most is that his children’s mother did not deny the allegations against him and in some ways raised suspicions by issuing a statement after he was branded as unfaithful.

For now, the couple remains a mystery and all that is known is that they are still in talks to reach an agreement over custody of their two children together.

Pique’s life without Shakira

As if this wasn’t enough, the same Telecinco program has announced that after the split, the Barcelona player has dedicated himself to enjoying his new single life and has been going to parties at a well-known local bar called “La Traviesa”, where he has been spotted in the company of teammate Rique Puig and several women.

Another leaked fact is the exorbitant amount that Gérard spends in just one night, as they assure that the place’s bills exceed 2,000 euros.