Piqué revealed: revealing “fan club” of his “new girlfriend” after Shakira

Piqué revealed: revealing “fan club” of his “new girlfriend” after Shakira

to the separation process between Shakira and Pique new endings keep coming out.

After British newspaper ‘The Sun’ shared photos of the Barcelona footballer’s alleged new girlfriend, most of the information in the entertainment media pointed to new details that a woman would have given as the protagonist.

In fact, over the past few weeks, it has been revealed that Piqué would carry out an alleged “revenge plan” against Shakira. All apparently because of the impact the announcement of the split had on his life. And the woman in question would play a crucial role in his “plan.”

Now the biggest controversy has to do with it a supposed “fan club”, with several published photos that the woman would have. And netizens are surprised.

“It’s the same as Shakira” and “They are identical” are some of the comments.

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Piqué’s supposed new girlfriend

Shakira and Pique


Screenshot ESPN, AFP

According to ‘The Sun’, the new woman Piqué is trying to rebuild his life with bears the name Clara Chia Marti.

It is noted that she is the young 23-year-old woman the Spanish team has been spotted with in recent days.

In the same way, It is claimed that she was forced to delete all her profiles and your photos from social networks to avoid any inconvenience.

So far it is known that she is one of the employees of one of the soccer player’s companies, having started out as a waitress at Kosmos, Piqué’s business.

In the last few hours, however, a supposed fan club has gained importance, in which they show themselves beyond the beginning photographs of women questionable.

The “Fan Club”

Pique and Shakira

Though by all appearances it appears to be some sort of joke in bad taste, one Instagram account has revealed several images of women under the idea of ​​presenting itself as a ‘fan page’.

The photos, which certainly come from Clara Chia Martí’s social networks, are full of comments about Piqué and Shakira.

“This is the same as Shakira”, “They are identical” and “The new girlfriend” are some of the most interacting comments.

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Since the split was announced, neither Piqué nor Shakira have publicly commented on their personal situation.

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