1674628903 Pique cheated on Clara Chia Marti with the divorce lawyer

Piqué cheated on Clara Chia Martì with the divorce lawyer. Quarrel on the street between Shakira and her ex mother in law

Shakira enjoys the success of the song on the other hand Gerhard Pique and the new case that has overwhelmed the former Barcelona defender. And the woman he cheated on the Colombian singer with Clara Chia Marti. Betrayed in turn, according to the Spanish journalist Jordi Martin. In a storyline that could be the envy of a movie, the former footballer would have a history with thedivorce attorney who helps him break up with Shakira.

Piqué’s new flame would be the young one Julia Puig Galia relative of Piqué’s former teammate Riqui Puig. On the Instagram profile, which she blocked from outsiders after excessive inquiries from curious people, the lawyer wrote that she had completed a master’s degree in commercial criminal law. The two approached the separation from the footballer during management.

Shakira and her ex-mother-in-law are arguing on the street

Meanwhile, Shakira has removed more pebbles from her shoes. This time he attacked his ex-mother-in-law, a neighbor in Barcelona, ​​​​to whom he had already “dedicated” a puppet in the form of a witch. The two women argued on the street, according to some passers-by, who continued the argument with their smartphones. Always at the center of the discussion”Music Session #53‘, the song in which the Colombian singer also targeted Piqué’s mother. The stormy end of the love of one of the most famous couples of recent years is constantly enriched with new elements. As if it were a movie.

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January 14, 2023Pique cheated on Clara Chia Marti with the divorce lawyer