Piqué can’t enter Shakira’s house?  The tense video of picking up their kids

Piqué can’t enter Shakira’s house? The tense video of picking up their kids

Two months after their split was announced Shakira and Gerard Piqué are moving on without signing a separation agreement.

moments of tension

Pique and Shakira

As close sources point out, her lawyers claim a tense tug of war Regarding the couple’s two children – Milan, 9, and Sasha, 7 – both are top priorities during these trying times.

And it’s speculated that the singer might want to move to Miami with the little ones to start her career in the United States, something the footballer – who will fight to find a foothold at Barça this season despite the fact – is something for is that Xavi Hernández does not secure the property – he would refuse as he is not ready for his children to leave Barcelona where they have their school, their friends and their family to whom they are very close.

A negotiation to reach an agreement that is taking longer than expected because no one is ready to give in regarding their children and about which both Shakira and Piqué’s entourage are completely silent, although it seems that things are not easy and the relationship between the ex-partner is anything but friendly.

As much as it seems The footballer no longer even enters the family home and has to wait at the door as if he were a “stranger” every time he wants to pick up the little ones..

This is how a strong video from ‘Europapress’ shows it.

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I pounded, ‘with the door closed’

Piqué and Shakira in ceremony



Just arrived in Barcelona after a 3 week vacation with her mother in the US and Mexico, Milan and Sasha have reunited with their fatherwith whom they will spend the next fortnight after their lawyers reportedly settled custody issues this summer.

In all seriousness, Piqué walked into what would be his home one day and patiently waited by the door for the little ones to come out, as he had previously entered the home’s garage to avoid being captured by the press.

“Ten minutes” of tense waitingaccording to the European press, in which the defender took the opportunity to grab a bag from the trunk of his vehicle before reuniting with Milan and Sasha and taking a huge suitcase – which he found difficult to lug – with everything to his car wore he had to enjoy a few vacation days with her little ones, which someone brought to her at the door of the mansion where Shakira is staying after their breakup.

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