Piqué and his new girlfriend had been together for over a year: he met her in a bar and now he helps her with the expenses…

Piqué and his new girlfriend had been together for over a year: he met her in a bar and now he helps her with the expenses…

New details of the relationship between Gerard Pique and Clara Chia, the 23-year-old with whom he has already appeared publicly. According to some reports in recent weeks, this adventure is said to have been the reason for his breakup with Shakira.

At the beginning of June, the footballer and the Colombian announced their separation after ten years of relationship and two children together. Immediately rumors spread about alleged infidelity of the athlete.

Just a few days ago, the first photos appeared with Clara Chía, one of the names the Spanish press considered as Piqué’s new girlfriend. After the scandal with Shakira, the young woman closed her Instagram account and only came back weeks ago.

The Spanish media ‘The Summer Program’ have published details of the investigation they carried out on Clara in the last few hours. The reporters entered Gerard’s life and spoke to family and friends to learn more about his new girlfriend.

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Shakira, Milan and Sasha visited Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium a few days ago. The Colombian and the footballer finalize a custody agreement for the minors. Photo: Instagram: @shakira

According to their findings, the relationship would be almost a year old and Milan and Sasha know their father’s partner. Also the friends and family of pique They had known Clara for months before breaking up with Shakira.

In addition, following a conversation with a friend of Martí’s circle, Spanish media have published more details about the young woman’s life, revealing how they met.

In “Sálvame”, a Spanish TV show broadcast by Telecinco, the presenter Laura Lago stated that Clara and Gerard met in “La Traviesa”, a bar in Barcelona where the soccer player frequented and where Chía Martí worked as a waitress in 2021: “It was a crush,” she said.

According to the Spanish driver, Piqué was interested in Clara because of her great charisma; After the conversation, the young woman told the footballer that she was studying public relations alongside her job as a waitress, so Gerard probably offered her a scholarship to continue her studies, financed by her company Kosmos Global Holding SL

In this way, Clara not only started working with Piqué on a scholarship, but also by joining the team that organized events for the company.

“A friend of Clara’s told me. He was addicted. She told him she was studying PR and Piqué offered her the Kosmos scholarship. She is integrated into the company where Piqué’s friends also work. That’s one thing Shakira never achieved,” he explained during the show’s airing.

Timeline of relationship with Clara

The program released a chronology of events at Piqué Mebarak’s home. Allegedly, the footballer met Clara a year ago and quickly began a very ordinary affair.

Shakira would have found out about Clara’s existence, so the player decided to break up with the 23-year-old. The Colombian and Piqué had settled their differences and gave each other another chance.

After Piqué split, Chia had a brief relationship with another man. It was a turning point for the Spaniard, who, fueled by jealousy, appears to have sought her out again.

The couple tried again and this time the athlete would have told his friends that he was in love. The relationship with the young woman became serious and she finally confessed her love to Piqué’s parents and friends.

His relatives had supported him and Clara would keep the doors open at the Piqué house for months. The outlet revealed that after a family trip to Disney World in January this year, the jock asked Shakira to split to be free with Clara.

Journalist Adriana Dorronsoro, who runs this entertainment section, assured that Barranquilla felt “betrayed” by Piqué’s circle, which motivated him to stay with the young woman.