Pierre Poilievre falls back to earth

Pierre Poilievre falls back to earth

It took the Conservative leader some time to grasp the extent of the problem.

He was floating. there is something

Pierre Poilievre spent months filling halls, being hailed like a political messiah, making people laugh and cry. He saw new converts standing in line for hours just to shake his hand.

He smashed the competition to masterfully be crowned leader of the Conservative Party.

It is therefore understandable to have mistakenly believed to have found the magic recipe.

With the new year, Pierre Poilievre seems to be back on earth. It’s time for adjustments.


Since his election as chairman, Pierre Poilievre has done nothing but repeat the recipe that appeals to his most radical activists. Result: 54% of Canadians have a negative opinion of him. In Quebec it rises to 63%.

Worse, it’s so thick in butter it’s ridiculous. Canada, a broken country? Go to Haiti! Is Trudeau solely responsible for inflation? And the war in Ukraine, zero COVID in China?

As they say, too much is not enough.

Get out of your bubble

Pierre Poilievre can no longer preach only to converts. He has to leave his comfort zone.

This is the bet of this Quebec tour. Meetings with community groups, chambers of commerce and it all comes down to a simple game. He has no choice.

He cites the single mother’s struggles with inflation and the housing crisis, and holds the promise of a green economy fueled by our critical minerals. And so that “work pays more”, he proposes a tax reform.

Anything to make people forget their past support for truckers and their disastrous flirtation with cryptocurrencies.

In terms of time and location, it will also be necessary to attract one or two big names.

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