Piero Chiambretti, the drama: "My mother died so that I could live"

Piero Chiambretti, the drama: "My mother died so that I could live"

Piero Chiambretti the drama quotMy mother died so that I

“My mother let me live twicethe first with birth and the second when we were hospitalized for Covid in March 2020 “: a dramatic story what Piero Chiambretti in an interview with the weekly newspaper Gente. Discussing the pain of losing his mother, the host said: “The day she died I was healed and that’s what makes me think she left to let me live“.

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Chiambretti then spoke about the most important women in his life, namely his mother Felicita, who died in 2020, and his daughter Margherita. And during the interview granted to the magazine, the presenter revealed what he is trying to convey and teach his 11-year-old daughter, born of the relationship now formed with Federica Laviosa: “I teach her confidence, determination and to assert oneself where it is right, even if life sometimes presents you with opportunities that you cannot solve. It’s always difficult to do things, you have to be prepared the more you know and the better you get.”

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The love for his daughter is immense. So much so that he then added: “I’m also afraid of suppositories but I would give my life for her.” Finally discussing his upcoming television adventures, Chiambretti said he should be at the forefront of a new show focused on children. Although he himself pointed out that it is a program with children and not for children.” The conductor admitted: “It will not be a talent.

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