Piero Angela, the latest installment of Superquark: “Before he died, he wanted to close them all”

Piero Angela, the latest installment of Superquark: “Before he died, he wanted to close them all”

The 29th edition of the Superquark will end with the final episode tonight strongly desired by the lates of the season Piero Angela, who passed away on August 13. The science communicator, as his son also emphasized AlbertAngela In his speech at his father’s funeral, before his death, he made sure that all remaining episodes were closed.


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Piero Angela the latest installment of Superquark Before he died Piero Angela, tonight’s final episode of SuperQuark (Credits Rai Press Office)

“When he found out his time had come, he made a rough calculation of the remaining time and shot all the episodes that are now airing on Superquark.” And tonight, just like he said Alberto at the funeral dad’s Piero Angela on Rai 1 we will see the latest episode of Superquark.

Superquark, the latest episode – What we will see

The new episode of Superquark, which will air on Rai 1 tonight, Wednesday 17 August at 9.25pm, begins with a BBC documentary of the series Un Pianeta Perfetto entitled ‘L’Uomo’. We are, as we know, living in a pivotal era for the planet’s climate. One of the main culprits is an invisible gas, carbon dioxide or CO2. Almost all modern companies produce it by burning fossil fuels. We release 100 times more CO2 into the atmosphere than all volcanoes combined. This gas traps the sun’s heat and causes global temperatures to rise. And that destabilizes one of the life forces of the planet: the weather.

Each degree generates extreme and out of control phenomena, from droughts to devastating rains. And it’s affecting the balance of life on Earth with the extinction of not just plants and animals. But also our societies. Not to mention the impact we have on the sea and forests. what can be done These mechanisms need to be reversed globally. Investing in green technology, energy and policies. Change our consumption. The list is long. This documentary lets us discover our changing planet and shows what we are changing but also some solutions that already exist.

Paolo Magliocco and Giulia De Francovich’s report explains how good walking is. And the benefits are many, even for our DNA. Experts explain how to do it.

The word “simulators” immediately brings to mind these systems for learning to fly an airplane. But simulation has also proven to be a teaching tool in many other disciplines, such as medicine.

The Mediterranean is warming up. Paolo Magliocco and Cristina Scardovi wanted to find out how to measure their fever to understand what will happen.

What is the space economy: Giovanni Carrada and Gianpiero Orsingher toured all the possibilities that new satellite technologies offer for every area of ​​life on earth.

Orientation is one of the most extraordinary abilities of animals. But will machines ever know how to do this? At Zurich Polytechnic, Barbara Gallavotti and Cristina Scardovi went into the robotics labs, where they investigate how to make drones smart enough to always understand where they are.

Giorgio Parisi was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics. Paolo Magliocco with Giulia De Francovich met him to understand how to bring order to chaos.

Many guests of Piero Angela for the columns. For “Science in the Kitchen” Dr. Elisabetta Bernardi What to eat to live longer? Massimo Polidoro will speak instead of astrology in “Psychology of a buffalo” …
Piero Angela will also be there later in the evening with “Superquark Natura”: “The importance of family” will be the theme of the fifth full episode of the wonderful BBC series The Secrets of Survival, dedicated to our country and its people.

Piero Angela, the integral speech of his son Alberto at the funeral

«Thank you for coming, you who are here, at home, the media, the press, as a colleague, I tell you that you have done a very correct and professional job. It’s not easy for me to give this speech, I’m usually offhand, but I hope you’ll understand. The people we love should never leave us, but it happens. I want to start with the last thing dad did, that last low power speech that my sister and I collected and transcribed, an unofficial speech is like a speech at the end of the night in front of friends. There is much affection and much love for all. He managed to unite everyone and not divide them. You all know his style and his touch. The nice thing we noticed is the return in the form of news, articles. It’s been a storm for me these days, but it comes out. They were messages, not of suffering but of love, of feeling, feeling is something that stays and turns into value and that stays and I think it’s the best suit for dad. The last teaching did not appeal to me with words but with examples, it taught me in the last few days not to be afraid of death, I have never seen it in the midst of despair, sadness and pain.

A few years ago it was the 50th anniversary of the moon landing and I – says Alberto Angela – I insisted that we do something together and we did this episode. He went back to the places where he had seen the Apollo 11 launch and once pulled out some photos as well. There was Armstrong. He had many experiences. A fulfilling life. This is very important. And that was one of the reasons why he left satisfied, like when he lifts us off a table after a nice dinner with friends. He went through these final times with a rationality, down to earth, as if it were an Apollo mission. Learning that his time had now come, he made a rough calculation of the remaining time and made all the broadcasts that are now being broadcast by Superquark, another cycle. He also prepared a jazz record, went to the recording and came back. He had incredible strength. He gave speeches to family members and then to you. After 24 hours he was gone.

This serenity was possible because he had a rational, scientific approach, but was also full of life and love. I’ve never seen anything like this. I felt like I had Leonardo Da Vinci at home, he always had the right answer, he loved that aphorism “As a day well spent gives you happy sleep, so a life well spent gives you a happy death”. Filling life is a lesson for everyone. It will continue to live in all those young people who seek excellence, in the researchers who, despite all the difficulties, try to reach their goal, in all the people who try to unite and not to separate, in the people who Curiosity and the beauty of nature. , those who want to enjoy life. The legacy he leaves us is important, it’s not a physical legacy, it’s a way of life. I conclude as he said “do your part”, I will try to do mine too. Many Thanks”.