Pierluigi Diaco, wild voices: "Pumped up, they killed him"

Pierluigi Diaco, wild voices: "Pumped up, they killed him"

Pierluigi Diaco wild voices quotPumped up they killed himquot

Someone doesn’t like it Nice though but Pierluigi Diaco From a ratings perspective, he was right about the move, and in the end he was right. On Twitter, Giuseppe Candela, a veteran TV journalist and behind-the-scenes gossip and a very well-informed (and venomous) pen of Dagospia, criticized without too many compliments Diaco’s change of course in his program: “Diaco and Rai 2 killed the pumped-up Bella Ma -Project’, they changed the program by repeating it in the afternoon I hear you to catch the over 60s”.

Tension with Al Bano: Loredana Lecciso, confession bombshell

Judging by the data and the stock, the goal is reached: Monday 12.09 the first episode had aired, which he picked up 353,000 spectators with the 4.36% of stocks. A not exactly exciting result, which then deteriorated as the bets passed down to the minimum peak 2.6% of stocks. However, the stock has bounced back in the past few days 4 and 5% and, emphasizes the specialized site Lanostratv.it, the January 18th Diaco has achieved that 5.1% stake with 497,000 spectators.

Maybe I will ....: Tiberio Timperi, the confession on live television

What happened between these extremes? Simply, Diaco and his authors have distorted the transmission and format. The mechanism by which the program was launched was that of a “generations” challenge among young people (the Generation X, aged 18 to 25) and Boomers (aged 55 to 90). A quiz with questions that didn’t excite the audience. So the conductor goes back to doing what he does best: long and confidential interviews with VIPs. From the original format only the schema of the two teams of different ages is invoked to create gods Kitchen sink, short videos that have become viral in the times of TikTok and Instagram can summarize the interviews. The VIPs then choose the winner themselves. Judging by the result, Diaco especially enjoys it.