Pier Silvio Berlusconi another woman who is crazy about him

Pier Silvio Berlusconi, another woman who is crazy about him: Toffanin’s Jealousy Just for show Just for show

A famous woman in the entertainment world has fallen in love with Pier Silvio Berlusconi. How did the wife react?

Pier Silvio Berlusconi and Silvia Toffanin they are one of the most reserved couples on Italian television; It’s difficult to see photos that show them in moments of privacy that are very important to them. Prove you can if you wantavoid the gaze of the paparazzi.

Silvia Toffanin Husband - SolospettacoloSilvia Toffanin and Pier Silvio Berlusconi – solo spettacolo

But the jealousy by Toffanin came out during the September 17 episode of Verissimo when a guest explained in love with her husband. Who are we talking about?

“Crazy About Him”: Toffanin’s Reaction

The guest of the last episode of Verissimo was the nice one Victoria Cabello, whom we all know for his panache and always playful nature. And this time, too, she hasn’t deviated much from her character.

The former Le Iene reporter indulged in a lengthy interview in which she opened up about her tragi-comic past as a model: “Once they asked me to parade for wedding dresses and it was a disaster. I replaced a friend who had a fever. The dress was too long, the shoes too big. I stumble and fall bearskin face forward. The dress ends above my head. I was wearing Minnie’s panties that day.”

Then he moves on to his love life and confesses: “Silvia, can I confess something to you? As a kid I watched Drive In and was crazy about Pier Silvio. I recognized everyone but him. Where is Pier Silvio?“. Immediately afterwards, he emphasizes that he fears the reaction of Toffanin, who intervenes: “Well done, exactly. I’m easily jealous”.

Victoria’s love life

Victoria still jokes about her love life, claiming that she’s not very lucky in love: “I have this unique thing, if there’s an idiot within 100km, I identify them and I get engaged. Not correct. Obviously then everything falls apart. Now I’ve decided to change my strategy, as soon as I find the idiot within 100km I’ll hook up with the one next door.”

Interview with Victoria Cabello - solo spettacoloVictoria Cabello at Verissimo Solospettacolo

Then she gets serious and comes back about his illness, from which she luckily recovered: “Borreliosis is coming. Due to a tick bite. It’s complex to diagnose. I had cognitive issues from short term memory loss to double vision, constant fever, I was semi paralyzed. After telling myself I was crazy for a year and a half…[…] The recovery was very long and arduous. I am doing very well today”.

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