PHOTOS The Oxxo cashier in a pink miniskirt breaks 2023

PHOTOS: The Oxxo cashier in a pink miniskirt breaks 2023

Only a few days left from 2023 and Lupita Cano, Alex Silva or Dua Lupitabetter known as the most beautiful oxxo cash register in mexicoalready broke the year in a pretty and mu, but very flirty pink mini skirt and a top in the same color with a bulky stuffed animal that served her very well to get through this winter season.

With a photo and a story on your profile instagram, The Oxxo cashier caused her TikTok It’s nothing short of a million followers and on Instagram it’s set to surpass 100,000 loyal followers. Dua Lupita’s success all started this year and if it continues like this, it could be a revelation in the world of modeling and as quality influencers in social networks.

Dua Lupita sent well wishes to her fandom. Photo: Instagram @lupana_cano

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PHOTOS: The Oxxo cashier in pink miniskirt breaks in 2023

This year 2023 is looking good for Dua Lupita

In one of the photos by the oxxo cashierwith thousands of hearts, we see her sitting in a chair in her house, posing for a relative’s lens, showing very slender legs covered by plush boots, a pink mini skirt Mexican and a cute top in the same tone. She wore a cute bow at chest height. For the makeup, Dua Lupita It showed up with a pink base for the lips and a pink blush on the cheeks, the lashes, brows and eyes looking perfectly contoured. The hair was straight with some balayage highlights in gold color.

Alex is very popular on TikTok. Photo: Instagram @lupana_cano

Thanks to the fame he gained on social networks for his viral videos tick tock from your workplace an Oxxo store in the municipality of Caderyta, Nuevo LeónAlex appeared on two national TV channels telling his magical story and with that his fame grew even more, reaching almost a million followers on TikTok and reaching more than 100,000 fans on Instagram.


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