PHOTOS Quebec urgently wants to close an unsafe daycare center

[PHOTOS] Quebec urgently wants to close an unsafe daycare center

The Department of Family Affairs has taken the matter to court to demand the closure of a daycare center in Villeray Borough that is operating without a valid permit in premises without heating and where electrical cords were hanging within the reach of children.

“Some children were shoeless and improperly dressed due to the lack of heating and the cold weather of the day. There was a dirty cot in an office,” says the civil lawsuit against the Le Palace des Anges daycare center.

According to the court document, the daycare center had a permit, but for a different address. However, if she had informed the Ministry of her intention to move in April 2021, everything would have been done in secret a few months later.

The Palace of Angels Nursery

It was only earlier this year that the ministry said it had discovered the daycare was now operating on rue Jarry Est in Montreal.

“The Palace of Angels is not licensed or otherwise authorized to provide childcare services in these new premises,” the Quebec attorney general said in the court document.

Worrying inspection

However, the ministry only dispatched an investigator to the scene last month. And his discoveries did not calm him at all.

In addition to the lack of a heater and a thermostat whose electrical wires were exposed, inspection revealed objects dangerous to children, such as electrical extension cords on the floor.

The Palace of Angels Nursery

There were also several standing lamps in the middle of the changing rooms and near the toilet, which “can pose a risk to the health and safety of children”.

Another inspection was carried out the next day, but while it appeared that some problems had been resolved, there were still too many for the department’s liking.

Since the day care center is operated without a valid license, the prosecutors asked the high court to stop the day care center.

parents affected

It was not possible to speak to the nursery’s owner, but according to a relative who spoke to Le Journal, the allegations were exaggerated. Ever since his child started kindergarten, he has sworn he has never seen anything.

Nevertheless, he regrets that he now has to look for a new day care center.

The Palace of Angels Nursery

“At the moment we can do it, but with all this, the parents live with the consequences,” he says.

Another father said he was glad inspectors were visiting the premises to ensure the toddlers were safe.

“When we found this one, it was the only one that accepted kids, it was our last option,” he said. Here we are in research mode. »

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