Photos of Angelina Jolie’s alleged Brad Pitt bruises revealed during horror flight

Photos of Angelina Jolie’s alleged Brad Pitt bruises revealed during horror flight

Photos of Angelina Jolie’s injuries, allegedly sustained in a fight with ex Brad Pitt during a September 2016 brawl on a private jet, have been revealed.

The Oscar winner submitted photos of bruises to her hand and elbow to an FBI investigation into the incident that led to the end of her marriage.

As reported by Page Six, according to the FBI report, Jolie told investigators that Pitt, who had been drinking, yelled at her in a restroom aboard the return flight from Nice, France to the United States.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Photos of the alleged bruises Angelina Jolie received from Brad Pitt have been revealed. Getty Images

She claimed Pitt “grabbed her by the head,” “grabbed her by the shoulders,” shook her, pushed her against the bathroom wall, and yelled at her, “You’re the king of this family.”

Two of her teenage children (whose names were blurred in the report) “were standing outside the door crying and saying, ‘Are you alright Mom?'” she claimed.

alleged injuries to Angelia JolieOne of the photos appeared to show an injury on Jolie’s hand. FBI Doc

Pitt reportedly yelled in response, “No, mommy’s not well. She’s ruining this family. She’s crazy,'” the report said.

According to Jolie, that comment prompted one of her children to retaliate: “It’s not her, it’s you, you p—k,” which she said, infuriating Pitt. The actress then claimed she saw him run towards one of the kids “like he was going to attack,” after which she said she put Pitt in a choke hold, which he tried to break by throwing himself back and her up the chairs bumped behind them.

alleged injuries to Angelia JolieAnother photo from the documents appears to show an elbow injury, allegedly by Pitt. FBI Doc

Jolie claimed that she sustained injuries to her back and elbow as a result and shared a photo of the injury to her elbow with the FBI.

The report includes black-and-white photocopies of the photos, as well as handwritten pages provided by Jolie, allegedly by her children, that describe the incident. The handwritten pages are mostly edited.

During the fight, Jolie also claimed Pitt said of one of her children, “Looks like a Columbine kid,” we reported.

Jolie also said in the report that Pitt continued to drink throughout the two-legged journey and later doused her in beer.

Angelina Jolie and Brad PittJolie claims the couple got into a physical altercation on a private jet in 2016. MovieMagic

After arriving in Los Angeles, the couple reportedly had a physical altercation and she claimed Pitt prevented her and the children from dismounting for 20 minutes.

In addition to her back and elbow, the report stated that Jolie said she also sustained “a carpet burn-type wound” on her left hand. A photo of the wound is included in the edited report.

Brad Pitt and Angelina JolieThe actress reportedly filed a lawsuit against the FBI bureau in April. Getty Images

Jolie said in the report that a scratch on Pitt could have been caused by her, although she believed she had him more in a stranglehold. Pitt was not arrested or charged in connection with the incident after the FBI completed an investigation in November 2016.

According to the report, after reviewing a statement regarding the probable cause of the incident, a US Attorney’s Office representative “discussed the merits of this investigation with the [FBI] case agent.”

“All parties agreed that no criminal charges will be filed in this case due to a number of factors,” the report said.

Angelina Jolie with her childrenThe former couple are still embroiled in a custody battle over their minor children, according to FilmMagic

In April, Jolie asked for the investigative report — anonymously and as Jane Doe — to find out why Pitt was never charged.

As we reported this week, sources close to Pitt said both sides had had the same report for almost six years, adding that she used it for a media stunt. Though now legally divorced, the ex-boyfriends are locked in a bitter custody battle over their teenage children.

Angelina Jolie and KnoxJolie was spotted with her son Knox at Universal Studios this week amid the drama. @CelebCandidly/Snorlax/MEGA

The former couple, who married in 2014, share Maddox, 21, Pax, 18, Zahara, 17, Shiloh, 16, Vivienne, 14, and Knox, 14.

Jolie was photographed with Knox at Universal Studios on Thursday amid the ongoing drama between the former couple.

Jolie and Pitt’s reps were unavailable for comment.