PHOTOS Four injured in accident in Laval

[PHOTOS] Four injured in accident in Laval

Four people were injured in a violent clash in Laval on Monday evening, one of them seriously.

Police were alerted to an accident on Route 335 near Perron Avenue shortly after 10:30 p.m.

A northbound vehicle would have deviated from its lane to overtake before colliding with another Toyota compact vehicle traveling in the opposite direction.

The passenger in the Toyota vehicle suffered serious injuries and there is a risk of death, said a spokeswoman for the Service de Police de Laval (SPL).

[PHOTOS]    Four injured in accident in Laval

Three other people, the two drivers and a passenger of the other vehicle, were also injured and taken to hospital, but their lives are not life-threatening.

Laval police did not provide information on the age or gender of the injured.

Investigators were dispatched to the scene to try to analyze the scene and determine the exact causes and circumstances of this collision.

Department of Transportation teams were blocking traffic on the R-335 at the time of the investigation.