PHOTOS: Babo’s daughter shakes the net in a low  cut pink dress

PHOTOS: Babo’s daughter shakes the net in a low cut pink dress

Barbarela, the beautiful daughter of rapper Babo from Cártel de SantaHe promotes one of his new musical themes on social networks and several clubs in Mexico “Millionaire”, another great rapper from Monterrey that his rough life has made him strive for fame with his lyrics and music. The 26-year-old shared a number of stories She wore very tight clothing like a pink dress that accentuated her cleavage and within minutes he was being filled with compliments on his profile instagram.

“If you would know” It’s the theme you’re promoting the daughter of Babo de Cartel de Santa and shows how he can rhyme well alongside “millionaire” and get placed on digital platforms lists thanks to his talent. Barbarela’s theme tells the story of a loss and how difficult it is to accept that they are no longer there and how to live day to day without that person by your side and how drink is a fleeting refuge to forget. With a week on his channel YouTube, “Si Supieras” by Barbarela and “Millonario”, It has already passed the 11 million view mark.

Photo: Instagram @barbareela

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The flirtatious gesture Karely Ruiz sent to Babo’s daughter

A few days earlier Barbarela shared a beautiful photo on her Instagram profile where she appeared in a tight pink dress, a long ponytail and some pretty earrings caused this gesture Monterrey influencer Karely Ruiz made a flirtatious gesture and gave her a heart (Like) on her picture which has thousands of positive reactions and comments to date due to the beauty of both of them.

Photo: Instagram @barbareela

Sharing the city of Monterrey, Barbarela and Karely Ruiz are both royalty, talented and eager to conquer fameeach from their trenches, but it’s nice to know that they appreciate each other and give hearts whenever they can, on their social networks, especially when they’re posting Photos on Instagram or a video on TikTok.


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