Photographer dies after falling from fourth floor during RBD event

Photographer dies after falling from fourth floor during RBD event

Renowned photographer Alberto Clavijo died tragically at the age of 32 in Mexico City. Clavijo suffered a fatal accident while working on a promotional event, according to journalist Daniel Bisogno, who confirmed the news.

Although no specific details of the incident have been released, it is mentioned that Clavijo fell from the fourth floor during an action related to the presentation of an alcoholic beverage by members of the RBD band, known for the Rebelde series.

Journalist Bisogno sent his condolences to the photographer’s family and friends and stressed the importance of safety at events like this one. He indicated that more attention should be paid to the protection of journalists in such a situation and that there should be no pretext for him being in an area where there are no hazard warnings and adequate protection by security personnel.

“At these events where dress or sound is so important, they should be more concerned about the safety of the journalists.” There is no excuse for Alberto to be in a place where there is no warning of danger. “The site should have been protected by security forces,” one of his relatives told TV Azteca.

Originally from Logroño, Spain, Alberto Clavijo excelled in the world of photography by collaborating with magazines such as Shangay. He later moved to Mexico where he gained greater popularity. On her Instagram profile, she showed off her talent collaborating with various famous people such as Mónica Naranjo and GH VIP sixth edition winner Alyson Eckmann.

This sad news has shocked the artist community and their fans, who deeply regret the loss of such a promising talent.