Phil Mickelson looks back on his betting demons

Phil Mickelson looks back on his betting demons

Golfer Phil Mickelson wants to walk the path of wisdom and move on from the gambling addiction problems that almost ruined his life.

The topic remains quite relevant as the 53-year-old was recently targeted in professional gambler Billy Walters’ book Gambler: Secrets from a Life of Risk; In particular, the author wrote that the left-hander thought about betting $400,000 on a United States win at the 2012 Ryder Cup, in which he attended. The player responded by stating that he would never attempt to undermine the integrity of the game, but admitted to making a friendly bet on the course.

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On Monday, however, Mickelson went into more detail about his past issues. Over the past three decades, Walters said he has wagered nearly a billion dollars. He took advantage of the first few weeks of the regular NFL schedule, a sports league he follows closely, and sent an open message on his social networks.

“I won’t bet this year because I’m over the limit in terms of moderation and addiction, which is no fun at all. The state of our finances was never a problem, but I was so distracted that I couldn’t be with those I love and was causing so much damage. This lack of presence was devastating,” he wrote.

Support from your partner

The six-time winner of major career tournaments also wants to make others aware of the dangers associated with impulsive gambling.

“If you exceed the limit, […] I hope that you do not betray your loved ones and friends like I did and that you do not have to publicly deal with this difficult time. “Others risk taking advantage of you, as happened to me,” he continued. However, I want you to benefit from a strong and supportive life partner who is willing to help you when you are at your worst and experiencing your worst moments. My wife Amy loved me and supported me through the darkest and most difficult times. I wouldn’t have made it through without her.”

Mickelson announced earlier this year that he was capping his friendly bets on greens at $1,000. According to the Sportico website, his net worth is around $875 million.