1667495713 PFTs Week 9 2022 NFL Picks

PFT’s Week 9 2022 NFL Picks

Las Vegas Raiders vs. New Orleans Saints

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Stop the count.

By going 3-1 in our four disagreements, I’ve expanded my league to 11 games in direct competition with MDS. To go at 10 weeks.

He has to record more than one game a week to catch me. This week he will only pick up one game at most.

Last week I was 11-4. MDS went 9-6. For the year I’m at 77-46-1. MDS is 66-56-1.

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Eagles (-14) at Texans

take MDs: Thursday night’s games haven’t been the most entertaining this season and I don’t expect much different this week either as the Eagles are likely to take an early lead and pull off a resounding victory.

The choice of MDS: Eagle 28, Texan 10.

Florio’s opinion: The Eagles have never started a season 8-0. Until this season.

Florio’s choice: Eagle 34, Texan 17.

Chargers (-3) at Falcons

take MDs: The Falcons were better than expected and the Chargers were worse than expected, but Justin Herbert should play Marcus Mariota as the Chargers improve to 5-3.

The choice of MDS: Chargers 24, Falcons 17.

Florio’s opinion: The Chargers have had two weeks to prepare for a game they must win if they hope to continue to be a factor in the postseason discussion.

Florio’s choice: Chargers 27, Falcons 20.

Dolphins (-5) in bears

take MDs: A Bears defense suddenly lacking Robert Quinn and Roquan Smith will struggle with the Dolphins offense.

The choice of MDS: Dolphins 30, Bears 20.

Florio’s opinion: The Dolphins were the only team to defeat the 1985 Bears. Thirty-seven years later, the dolphins are simply the last to beat the bears of 2022.

Florio’s choice: dolphins 31, bears 24.

Panthers (+7) at Bengals

take MDs: Credit Panthers coach Steve Wilks and quarterback PJ Walker for coming on at a time when many thought the Panthers were finishing the season. But this Carolina squad just doesn’t have enough talent to beat a Bengals team who will be very motivated to turn a big game after Monday night’s ugly performance.

The choice of MDS: Bengal 24, Panther 21.

Florio’s opinion: The Bengalis are at a crossroads. You’re getting a team that could still be reeling from a deflationary result in Atlanta.

Florio’s choice: Bengal 27, Panther 17.

Packer (-3.5) at Lions

take MDs: Aaron Rodgers says the Packers only need one win to turn things around. They get it on Sunday.

The choice of MDS: Packer 34, Lions 27.

Florio’s opinion: For Aaron Rodgers and Co. it’s now or never.

Florio’s choice: Packer 38, Lions 27.

Colts (+5.5) with the Patriots

take MDs: The Colts benched their quarterback last week and fired their offensive coordinator this week. I think we’ll see in New England that the Colts’ problems go much deeper.

The choice of MDS: Patriots 20, Colts 10.

Florio’s opinion: There will be no Indiana banner after this one.

Florio’s choice: Patriots 27, Colts 13.

Bills (-12.5) on jets

take MDs: I see no way Zach Wilson can keep the Jets competitive with Josh Allen.

The choice of MDS: Bills 34, Jets 17.

Florio’s opinion: The Bills need to dominate the teams they should be dominating.

Florio’s choice: Bills 31, Jets 14.

Vikings (-3.5) at Commanders

take MDs: The Commanders played better with Taylor Heinicke than they did with Carson Wentz. But they won’t play well enough to play against a Vikings team that’s beginning to look like a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

The choice of MDS: Vikings 28, Commanders 21.

Florio’s opinion: Until the Vikings find a way to win a game late against a losing opponent, I suspect they won’t.

Florio’s choice: Vikings 27, Commanders 21.

Raiders (-1.5) at Jaguars

take MDs: Raiders coach Josh McDaniels apologized last week for his team’s poor play. He’ll have more excuses this week.

The choice of MDS: jaguars 21, hunters 20.

Florio’s opinion: If the Raiders lose this one, Josh McDaniels could coordinate New England’s offense through Christmas.

Florio’s choice: Hunters 24, Jaguars 17.

Seahawks (+2) at Cardinals

take MDs: I believe in Geno Smith, even if he has enough doubts that the Cardinals are favorites in this game. I say Seattle angrily pulls off the road and stays in first place in the NFC West.

The choice of MDS: Seahawks 24, Cardinals 20.

Florio’s opinion: The Seahawks continue to be underestimated. The Cardinals continue to be overrated.

Florio’s choice: Seahawks 27, Cardinals 20.

Rams (+3) at Buccaneers

take MDs: In January, we saw these two teams play a playoff classic. In November, none of them look like a playoff team. But I think the Bucs are a little closer to a turnaround.

The choice of MDS: Buccaneer 20, Aries 14.

Florio’s opinion: The Bucs must find a way. It won’t be easy, but the Rams aren’t the team they were in 2021.

Florio’s choice: Buccaneer 24, Aries 23.

Titans (+12.5) at Chiefs

take MDs: Two 5-2 teams clash in a game that has major implications for the AFC playoffs and could determine which of them is home if they meet again in January. I just can’t see the Titans offensively scoring enough points to keep up with Patrick Mahomes & Co.

The choice of MDS: Chiefs 28, Titans 17.

Florio’s opinion: How can a 5-2 team be a 12.5 point underdog against another 5-2 team?

Florio’s choice: Chiefs 30, Titans 21.

Ravens (-2.5) at Saints

take MDs: The Saints made their mark with their blowout against the Raiders last week and I think they will be competitive with the Ravens. But ultimately, I think the Ravens’ tremendous advantage on special teams will make all the difference in this game.

The choice of MDS: Ravens 26, Saints 20.

Florio’s opinion: The Ravens are taking full advantage of the 11 days between games to find a way to keep working toward a likely division title.

Florio’s choice: Ravens 27, Saints 17.