PF and Ibama collect monkeys by Nicole Bahls: “False documents”  Splash

PF and Ibama collect monkeys by Nicole Bahls: “False documents” Splash

Federal police and Ibama agents conducted an operation on Nicole Bahls’ farm in Itaboraí, Rio de Janeiro this Wednesday (18), during which they collected the presenter’s two pet monkeys.

Nicole vented about what had happened on her social media, saying she was unaware the animals were commercial and had fake documentation.

“Yesterday there was a call here at the Federal Police and Ibama house to look at Mikal and Davis’ papers. We found that the papers on the two monkeys are forged,” he said.

Then she said that Ibama will rehabilitate the monkeys in nature.

“And now Ibama will be doing rehabilitation work so they can go back to their habitat, to nature, and I will work together to make that happen in the best way possible,” he explained.

She was also thrilled to say goodbye to the pets she received as a gift from her boyfriend, businessman Marcelo Viana.

“I am devastated. From 90 days with them, breastfeeding, love, affection. she [os agentes] You were here and you saw that the animals were very well taken care of, that they roamed freely here in the yard and jumped around in the trees. I didn’t get the little monkeys as pets,” he said.

Finally, Nicole urged her followers not to buy wild animals. “I want you to know that you don’t buy wild animals, that you don’t make mistakes like I did. Pet trade is very sad,” he concluded.