Petro proposes a Latin American conference on migration in Celac

Petro proposes a Latin American conference on migration in Celac

During his speech at the meeting of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac) in Argentina, he recalled that migration is also caused by the climate crisis, although not explicitly seen.

When the cities run out of water and food, they go north to where there is water and food, and you see that in Europe, in the United States, and the answer, he said, isn’t the machine guns, the walls or the concentration fields, again the barbarism of the early days of World War II, now on a planetary scale.

Petro needs an orderly migration treaty, and Latin Americans and the Caribbean need to agree on this issue.

In another paragraph, he reiterated his opinion on the “resounding failure” of the US President Richard Nixon’s (1969-1974) sponsored war on drugs, noting that a million Latin Americans and millions of other Americans, particularly blacks, had died since then , you were caught by this phenomenon.

He stressed that countries in the region and around the world must unite for a new drug policy based on education and prevention in order to end violence and death on the continent.

Another aspect discussed in his speech was the food supply, and he proposed taking food “off the shelf” and building a food supply system that goes where the hunger is.

He stressed that Latin America has potential for food production and questioned whether we should wait for the free world market to bring food to the poor.

He assured that this would not happen, citing as an example that in Colombia the markets are full of food, but in the department of La Guajira people are starving.

Among other things, he advocated strengthening the Inter-American human rights system, extending it to women’s, environmental and collective rights, and strengthening its judiciary and not allowing its violation as is the case in coups.

“Why must there be parliamentary and violent coups, why are popularly elected presidents imprisoned today when they should be sitting at this table, why are the political rights of every citizen violated by administrative and even parliamentary authorities?” he asked. that for the sake of peace in the region, ideological differences should coexist.