Petro offered assistance to Cuba and the United States affected

Petro offered assistance to Cuba and the United States affected by Hurricane Ian

During the reopening of the Commission for the Follow-Up, Promotion and Review of the Implementation of the Final Agreement and the National Security Assurance Commission for the Follow-Up of the Peace Agreement, Petro sent a message of support to the two nations currently in the recovery phase.

At the event, which was attended by Cuban Ambassador Javier Caamaño, the head of state said that Colombia would try to send humanitarian aid to the two countries.

If requested by the United States, “a kind of contribution could be made to the State of Florida”, which is also badly affected by the meteorological phenomenon.

“Let this be the opportunity to offer them our solidarity. We could also send humanitarian aid to the United States if they need it, as many Colombians consider it their second home,” the President said.

Hurricane Ian, a category three on the Saffir-Simpson Scale with a maximum of five, made landfall on Cuban land on September 27, crossing the island at its western end from south to north.

In its wake, with torrential rain and gusty winds exceeding 200 km/h, it caused the deaths of two people in Pinar del Río and left a trail of damage to the electrical system, the partial and total collapse of homes and government structures. felled trees and damage to agriculture, among other damages.

Solidarity groups and governments from different parts of the world expressed their support for the Cuban authorities and people for recovery.

After leaving Cuba, it intensified and reached Florida with category four, causing numerous damage to the various populations of this peninsula in the southern United States.