Peter Jackson used hypnosis to forget about the Lord of the Rings movies

Peter Jackson used hypnosis to forget about the Lord of the Rings movies

At one point, Peter Jackson wanted to forget that he directed The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and certainly not because he regretted making it.

See the trilogy for the first time en Lord of the Rings It is a truly unique experience and we would love to travel back in time to relive such a beautiful and exciting moment. Peter Jacksonthose of the films from the monumental book of JRR Tolkien he is the director and the screenwriter, he thinks just like us. Except that he had one other wish: to enjoy The Fellowship of the Ring, The two Towers and the return of the King as a fan and not as a filmmaker. How could that ever be possible? – You will surely ask someone. Well, the same Jackson He thought of a solution, and for a moment he really considered doing something. As? Resort to hypnosis.

Hypnosis to forget them…

During the Chatter podcast The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards, Peter Jackson explained that he had long entertained the idea of ​​forgetting the saga Frodo Baggins & Co., a bit like them Jim Carey and Kate Winslet with the memories of their love story If you leave me I will delete you. Here are the words of the director:

By the time the film first screened, I had been immersed in the saga for five or six years. It was a real loss for me not being able to watch the films like everyone else. The truth is that I have seriously considered going to a hypnotist who would hypnotize me to forget the movies and work of the last six or seven years so I could sit in a movie theater and enjoy them.

Peter Jackson eventually he gave up, but we do know that he consulted a psychiatrist by name Derren Braun who had told him it was possible. We wonder what the consequences of this amnesia would have been. Like what he would have thought Jackson watch his 2 Oscars?

The good Peter might in some ways be following the adventures of humans, dwarves, hobbits and elves in Middle-earth for the first time if he were to watch the series in the near future The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Powerwho will debut on PrimeVideo next September 2, but the director has repeated several times that he does not intend to do so.