Peruvian soccer club rocks the networks with its new sponsor

Peruvian soccer club rocks the networks with its new sponsor: “New fan.”"

Peruvian soccer club rocks the networks with its new sponsor

With the aim of further progressing in the Copa Perú, the traditional club from Abancay, Miguel Grau de Deportes, informed his fans about the sum of a sponsor for the current season. The team hopes this alliance will allow them to reach the national stage of the Promotion Tournament.

“We thank our sponsor for being part of this project,” the institution wrote on its official Facebook account. That fact was very special to the medium and to the fans themselves. In this way, Peladitas VIP will contribute its grain of sand to see Miguel Grau at the top.

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The fans did not miss the opportunity to have their say and highlight this connection, which should strengthen the squad and strive for a place in the next League 2 2024. “C’mon Red Tide”, “Miguel Grau all his life.” “, “New fan”, were some supportive comments from netizens.

How is Miguel Grau doing at the Copa Peru 2023?

Miguel Grau qualified for the final of the division stage where he meets Club Social El Olivo. in the previous, defeated Patron Santiago 4-0 (they scored 1-0 in the first leg), which allowed them to advance in the tournament. Only two teams will represent this region nationally.

Reimond Manco will play the Peru Cup in Pasco

Former international Reimond Manco was registered by Club Ecosem de Pasco. However, the soccer player informed fans that he will neither live in the city nor train with his teammates. This situation didn’t sit well with the Barça shop, so their coach, Erick “Charapa” Torres, indicated that he would only play the games if he showed up for training.